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The MCA Mandaluyong Administration and Faculty are gearing up to embrace the challenges of education in the time of Covid-19. For the safety and well-being of our students and staff, MCA will strictly prohibit in- person learning this school Year 2020-2021.
In spite of this challenge, MCA Mandaluyong continues to uphold its commitment to provide quality Christian education to its students. As the whole world adapts to the new normal, MCA will continue to provide a nurturing environment to help our children cope with the changing times through a vibrant virtual community of learners and educators.

How will online classes go?


Despite of the challenging shift to virtual classrooms, it is still important for our children to follow routines and schedules as they go on through a year of online learning. Thus, online classes will be structured which will follow a certain schedule as to make learning a seemingly familiar experience to our students. It will emphasize more on student’s learning time rather than student’s contact time with the teacher. 
It will involve ATTENDANCE CHECK-INS, ACADEMIC LEARNING TIME, CONSULTATION PERIOD and NON-ACADEMIC DAY. In addition to these, students will also be required to wear their school uniforms to instill discipline, mentally prepare them for class and break down students’ economic class barriers.

What if we don't have a stable internet connection?


Since this is the safest platform available to us at this time, MCA will make reasonable deduction to its school fees for School Year 2021-2022 to help our patrons invest in having a stable internet connection. For more information on how the school can assist you in having one, please call our hotlines for more information.

Since students will not be using the school's physical facilities, will there be reduction in school fees?


MCA will offer 10% discount from the total amount of school fees for School Year 2021-2022. For fees adjustment, please call our school hotlines. We have already increased the number of staff answering your queries. Please bear with us and be patient while our staff is attending to your inquiries. 
MCA HOTLINES: 865-476-74, (+63) 925-718-1887

Will students services be available this school year?


MCA recognizes that, now more than ever, students need help in getting through this uncertain times. 
Thus, the following students services will be made available online:

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Chapel Services, Pastoral counselling and Timothy Circle will be activated online to provide spiritual counselling to our students.

This pandemic has seen the rise of mental health issues among teenagers. Hence, psycho-emotional support is important in sustaining the well-being of our students.

To protect the virtual community of learners and to ensure a healthy online learning environment, the Code of Discipline will be amended as to include online offenses. The Prefect of Discipline will also be available online to receive and act on reports of online libel, cyberbullying and similar offenses.

Since learning will heavily rely on MCA ONLINE LEARNING ZONE, the school will provide assistance to students for technical difficulties that may arise in the duration of this school year.

What gadgets can we use for online classes?


Any smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook or desktop computer that has audio and video plug-ins (such as Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.), web camera, third party software for real-time web conferencing capability (such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc) and productivity softwares for web browsing, word processing, reading text documents, developing & reading presentations and video-sound recording can be used for online classes.

How much adult supervision does online classes require?


Minimal adult supervision is required for learners from Grade 4 to Grade 10. However, for younger learners from Pre-School to Grade 3, adult supervision is necessary in terms of helping them to adapt to a routine and do system troubleshooting.

How are the teachers being prepared for online classes?


With the big challenge of the shift from physical classroom instructions to virtual classroom setting, the MCA Faculty is currently undergoing an intensive technical skills training and exploring various teaching techniques suitable for online classes. They are upgrading their technical capabilities in using the online learning platform through webinars, in-service trainings, seminars and online teaching simulations. 
The school is currently setting up modular learning cubicles to be used by the teachers during online classes, all equipped with high-powered computers, drawing tablets, audio and video accessories. We are also in the process of upgrading our internet connection for an uniterrupted flow of online learning. 
The MCA Information Technology Support Services (MCA-ITSS) and the MCA- Multimedia Educational Resources Innovation Team (MCA-MERIT) are working hand-in-hand in improving and creating useful educational contents in our MCA ONLINE LEARNING ZONE.